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Computer, Internet, and Browser Security

Information, communication, and entertainment can be easily accessed pretty much instantly and used in just a few clicks on the World Wide Web. User’s on the Internet itself are not Security Screened and as a result there are many Computer Viruses and Infections designed to gain access to your personnal information or banking passwords all for Financial Gain. Being online poses a lot of threats to your data and even your privacy if you are surfing unprotected, which is why Internet security is an essential for those who spend any time on the Internet, or those who have an always-on Internet connection. There are many Types of Security Software Packages to choose from, both Free and paid subscription.

  • Antivirus Programs protect a computer and Network from viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, and other forms of malware. Some antivirus software also protect against spyware, though not all of them effectively detect and remove it. Most programs integrate with other software, such as email and instant messaging clients, office application suites, and Internet browsers to effectively protect against virus infection.
  • Anti-Spyware protects against infection of spyware and adware. Spyware is a malware that monitors a user’s activity and behavior without their consent. Such information is used either fraudulently or for advertisement purposes. When it is used for ads, then it is called adware (Tips on how to get rid of computer adware.).
  • A firewall is computer software that acts as a filter between your computer and the Internet. It only allows authorized computers or software to access the Internet. It means that when a program in your computer is not authorized, it cannot connect to the Internet. Also, computers cannot connect to your computer if they are not allowed. This offers protection from hackers or exploits both in and out of your computer. (Learn how to set up a firewall.)

There are also special software programs known as Internet security suites that are basically a bundle of Internet security software. Sometimes, they come with parental control software to restrict and monitor access to both the computer and the Internet.

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