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Data and Hard Drive Recovery

When your Systems go down and you loose computers or Hard Drives it is always the Data on your Hard Drive that is the Most important.

The best solution to Catastrophe is to have a Solid Data Backup plan. Automatic Data Backups work fantastic, however the very best Systems use MIRRORed Hard Drives.
What this means is that each computer saves its data to Dual Hard Drives in the background as though you were simply saving to your normal Hard Drive.
The obvious advantage here is that should one Hard Drive fail you have a second.
Be cautious that if you install twin Hard Drives of the same model and Type at the same time, that should one fail you are likely at a higher risk of having the second fail relatively soon.
As soon as one hard drive fails you are best served to backup ALL the data onto a third spot immediately.

Should you find yourself in a position where you have data to recover on a Hard drive or Flash drive, there are some basics to consider:

  • Get a Professional Data Recovery Firm to do the work for you
  • You will need to send then your computer or hard drives, preferably via Courier
  • Check out the company you want to use to ensure there are Good Reviews on them
  • Do NOT select a data Recovery company solely on Price
  • Make sure you get a Guarantee such as No Data Recovered = No Charge.
  • Once you have your data back, Put into place a Backup System !!!

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